History of The Basin in Book Form

The book is comprised of 15 chapters. Each completed chapter is standalone with its own contents, summary and index. When all chapters are complete, I will create a single contents and index covering all chapters.

The raw information for the book is stored electronically using sophisticated page layout software. At any time the book can be reproduced in a number of formats:

  • In high quality printed book form. This may be done in limited numbers for special occasions or when the book contents are more stable I may offer printed versions at a low cost.

  • As an e-book that can be read on-line or downloaded and read/printed off-line.

  • CD ROM of everything that I can fit on it.

Currently, only the second format is available as described below.

PDF Format

Each chapter has been created in a popular electronic book (e-book) format known as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) that faithfully reproduces the book layout.

In order to read PDF files, you need a PDF viewer. You can then read the PDF file on-line or first download the file and then read/print the file off-line. Adding a viewer is simple and PDF viewers are available for free on the Internet.

The PDF format is only available as separate files for each chapter due to the large file size that would be required for the whole book. PDF files are optimised for viewing in a browser or printing on a home or office quality printer. In particular, photographs do not print at their original quality. This is because the PDF files have been optimised for viewing on a browser or e-reader and there is a trade-off between picture quality and PDF file size.

The Contents section of each PDF file is clickable. That is, if you click on an entry, the viewer will scroll to the page that contains the entry.

The Book

Click on the “Revision Notes” links for information on the latest changes made for a particular chapter. Some chapters also have a link to supplementary information such as newspaper clippings, photos and maps. The file size for each PDF varies depending on the number of pages and the number of pictures. The largest is Foundation of size 3 Mbytes.

Last Updated: Nov 2013


PDF (with pictures)

1. Foundation (38 pages)
Revision Notes

2. Land and Roads (21 pages)
Revision Notes

3. Houses (23 pages)
Revision Notes

4. Teaching Institutions (40 pages)
Revision Notes

5. Utilities (11 pages)
Revision Notes

6. Religious Institutions (13 pages)
Revision Notes

7. Businesses and Industries (24 pages)
Revision Notes

8. Fire Brigade (29 pages)
Revision Notes
Supplementary Information (Newspaper Clippings, Photos and Maps)

9. Sporting Clubs (26 pages)
Revision Notes

10. Voluntary Organisations (25 pages)
Revision Notes

11. Events (9 pages)
Revision Notes

12. Miscellaneous (5 Pages)
Revision Notes

13. Recreation Reserves and Parks (7 pages)
Revision Notes

14. Scouts and Guides (11 pages)
Revision Notes

15. Timeline (9 pages)
Revision Notes

Master Index


Last Updated: Oct 2015