The Book

Fire on the Hill, Flowers in the Valley. History of The Basin”.

The book consists of 18 chapters and 472 pages. It includes an extensive index intended for a printed version.

Click here to download the book (as at 03/06/2022) in PDF format (50M).

If you open a printed book you see left and right pages side by side. The PDF file is configured to display in this format. Dependent on what you view the PDF file with, you may not see facing pages. However, most viewers can be configured to show facing pages. Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) works best. Chapters are hyperlinked in the PDF file.

This is a draft and there will be errors. Feedback on any historical or grammatical errors would be appreciated. If you have any historical information not presented in the book, please let me know and I will add it to the book.

I will eventually produce a printed version of the book. All book sales will be through a local organisation who will retain the profits.

My email address is shown on the home page at

Last Updated June 2022