1. The Triangle. The section of land bounded by Forest Road, Mountain Highway and Church Street. Originally residential land. Has been progressively purchased back by Council and is now declared a “passive park”.
  2. Site of Ferndale Camp. Used by the Congregational Church as a Youth Camp from 1962 - 1992.
    Site acquired in 1992 by the Government to become part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park.
  3. Batterham Reserve (Batterham Tennis Club).
  4. Site of Saw Mill used in the 1920's.
    In 2002, residential land.
  5. Site of store known as Youle's Store. Later became the Moonshiners restaurant (1974 - 1997).
    In 2002, Calendula Restaurant.
  6. Site of Les Greenwell's Wood Merchant yard. Operated from 1950 to 1960.
    In 2002, residential property.
  7. Martin Luther homes for the aged.
  8. Site of Hornby's Dairy. Commenced operation in the early 1930's and ceased in the late 1930's when local shops began selling milk.
    In 2002, residential property.

    Hornsby Dairy.
    Circa 1940
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  9. Sugar Loaf Hill. Not known how named.
  10. Property known as "Dodd's Gully" named after the first owner. Located near the source of the Dandenong Creek. Land first settled in the 1880's and is known for its scenic setting.
  11. House and property known as "Glen Elbourne". Famous for its three hectares of botanical gardens.