1. Site of the first track to the top of the Dandenongs known as the "Bullock Track".
    It took approximately the same route as Doongalla and Range Road and was created by timber cutters in the 1840's or 1850's.
  2. Pavitt Lane has been renamed twice!. First known as Fern Glen Road when the road led into the Doongalla property which was first known as Fern Glen.
    Then it was known as Pig Lane from the Salvation Army pig farm that was alongside the road.
  3. Mountain Highway was called Bayswater Road until 1939 and was most likely the route of the first track to the top of the Dandenong's used by early settlers and timber cutters (see item 111 above).
    The section past The Basin towards Sassafras was not constructed until the early 1900's and was first called the "1 in 20" because that was the highest gradient of the road.
  4. Cobblestone Road was used a coach route between Bayswater and the Dandenongs (through The Basin) until Mountain Highway was constructed.
    It was so named because some of the steeper sections had a unique construction. Cobblestones between 6 and 11 inches in diameter were hand laid in uniform lines as the base foundation then dressed with smaller metals and then screenings; quite a unique construction. When the road was closed, the cobblestones were removed.