1. Second site of St. Mary's Church of England 1949-1989. !n 1991, land and buildings purchased by a Hindu religious group and a Hindu temple erected.
    In 2002, the temple is actively used.
  2. Site of garage first established by Fred and Maurie Cook in 1962. They originally operated the garage in The Basin and moved it to this site.
    In 2002, Shell garage.
  3. Site of Harrison's Weaving Mill (Locksley Textiles) which opened in 1946 and was an early source of local employment.
    Closed in the 1960's and buildings and site taken over by Low Line Industries.
    In 2002 is still operating.
  4. Site of store most popularly known as Wright's Store. Rebuilt in 1972.
    In 2002, Milk Bar and take away.

    Wright's Store
    Circa 1960
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  5. Site of store known as Junction Store. Closed late 1930's.
    In 2002, residential property.
  6. Site of store known as Langdon's Store. Closed in 1965.
    In 2002, residential property.

    Langdon's Store.
    Circa 1940
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  7. Site of store known as Howe's Greengrocer. Later Forest Lodge Restaurant.
    In 2002, unused restaurant.
  8. Site of store known as the School Shop. Owned by Eddie Williams. Closed late 1960's.
    In 2002, residential property.

    School Store.
    Circa 1950
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  9. Site of house known as the "Lolly lady's" house.
    In 2002, residential property.
  10. Site of the first garage in The Basin built around 1928-1930. Owned by the Thompson family and known as Thompson's garage.
    Sold to the Cook family in 1953 and closed and dismantled in 1960.
    In 1986, a group of shops were erected which are now known as The Basin Central shops.

    Thompson's Garage
    Circa 1930
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