1. The Basin Pre-School Kindergarten. Established in 1958.
  2. Site of store built in 1934 by Bert Gretton. He operated the shop for a year or two. The land was eventually donated to the Council.
    In 1956, on this land and the adjacent block, The Basin Maternal & Child Health Centre was opened and in 2002 is still operating.
  3. Original site of The Basin Post Office. 1916 - 1953. Located at approximately 1288-1290 Mountain Hwy. The Dickson family owned the property and had a house at the rear. The Post Office was a separate small building in the front yard. The building can be seen in a land brochure for Eden Park Estate.
    In 2002, Residential Land.
  4. Second site of The Basin Post Office 1953 - 1964. In 1964, the Post Office moved across the road.
    In 2002, Service Station.
  5. Original site of Clarke's Butcher shop.
    In 2002, part of The Triangle.
  6. Site of another early Butcher shop.
    In 2002, The Basin shopping centre.
  7. Site of service station owned by Benson in the 1950's.
    In 2002, part of The Basin Triangle.
  8. Site of shop owned by S. Cain that was built in 1926. Later, a Hall was added called "The Glideaway". Both were demolished in the early 1970's.
    In 2002, part of The Basin Triangle.

    Cains's Store
    Circa 1930
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    Rear of Glideaway Hall
    Circa 1930
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  9. Site of Presbyterian Church from 1935 - 1964.
    Building was then used as a Scout hall which burnt down in 1972 in suspicious circumstances.
    In 2002, residential property.
  10. The Second Basin Scout hall built in 1984.