1. Site of first The Basin Fire station opened in 1953.
    In 2002, commercial property.

    First Basin Fire
    Circa 1952
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  2. Site of second The Basin Fire station opened in 1967. This was later demolished and the current (third) station opened in1977.
  3. Stone wall. Originally built by sustenance workers during the depression of the 1930's. Has been repaired a number of times since then.
  4. Site of Log loading bay used between 1936 and 1940. A bullock team pulled the logs down to the high bank of Mountain Highway and the logs were rolled into a truck.
  5. When Inverness Avenue was first created in the Schneider's Estate, the top end could not be accessed from either Claremont Avenue or Mountain Highway. From Claremont Avenue, there was no creek crossing (created in 1984) and from Mountain Highway there was no official access until this block of land was purchased in the 1950's.
    Previous to this, a track was created by residents to gain access from Mountain Highway (see Places of Interest 110).
  6. Site of old quarry. The location can be easily pinpointed as the roadside margin has a peculiar bend around the site. Not known who owned it or when it started operation, but it was used as a source of stone for local roads.
    Not used after about 1935.
  7. Griffith's Falls. Also known as Ferndale Falls or The Basin Falls.

    Griffiths Falls
    Circa 1915
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  8. Oak tree planted in 1875 by William Chandler. One of the finest specimens of English Oak in Australia.
    Also site of Centenary cairn erected by the Chandler family as part of The Basin centenary celebrations in 1967.
  9. Site of training and trotting tracks known as "The Trotto" built by J. J. Miller.
    In 2002, residential property.
  10. Site of a lookout known as Barne's lookout until 1927 when T. M. Burke, a local Real Estate Agent, presented 7 acres including the lookout to the Crown to be used as a public park. He also asked that it be known as Burke's lookout from then on.