1. Miller Park. Established in 1982.
    In 2002, home of Boronia Park Football Club.
  2. Dobson's orchard & packing shed.
    In 2002, still operating.

    Dobson House and Packing Shed
    Circa 1920
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  3. Remanents of a hawthorn hedge that bordered J. J. Millers land.
  4. Site of Les Greenwell's case factory that operated from 1960 to 1973.
    In 2002, residential property.
  5. Site of Mrs. Helen Walker's Estate agency which operated in the 1950's. She ran the agency from a small shed at front of the property.
    In 2002, residential property.
  6. Approximate route of a proposed tramway to run from Bayswater station to Olinda township through The Basin.
    Promoted by a consortium including J. J. Miller in 1888. The proposal gained high level support and permission was granted by the Shire of Berwick to construct the tramway. The tramway was to operate as either Cable or Electric.
    The proposal never got past the planning stage.
  7. Site of and shed with fire fighting gear and fire bell (added later) used by The Basin Fire Brigade up until 1953 when the first Fire Station was built complete with an electric siren.
    After The Basin Progress Hall was built, the shed was moved behind the new hall.
    The bell used was donated to The Basin Fire Brigade in 1932 by T. M. Burke in appreciation for their efforts in attempting to save his Doongalla residence from burning down in 1932. The bell is still held by The Basin Fire Brigade.
  8. Site of The Basin Tennis Club tennis courts that operated from the 1926 to 1954.
    In 2002, part of The Basin shops.
  9. The Basin Centenary Garden. Created in 1967 in a plot of land donated by the Salvation Army.
    Contains a cairn and a time capsule to be recovered in 2017 (50 years).
  10. Time capsule buried at The Basin Primary School in association with Victoria's 150th Birhday in 1985.
    Contains school memorabilia and is due to be recovered in 2035 (50 years).