1. Doongalla Pony Club.
  2. Lilydale Bowmans Club. Established 1977.
  3. Miller Park Tennis Club. Established 1982.
  4. "The Ravine". So named because before 1984, Inverness Avenue was cut by the creek running through the area thus creating a "Ravine" that split the community living there.
    This changed in 1984 when the road was constructed over the creek via a bridge.
  5. Schneider's Hill. So named as this hill was part of the "Schneider's Estate" opened in 1917. This hill is the highest piece of land in the Estate.
    A track runs to the top of the hill which was constructed by the owner of the land on top of the hill. The owner never had a chance to erect a house as the this and the surrounding land was reclaimed by the Government to become part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park.
  6. Chandler's Hill. Unknown how named.
  7. Boronia Hill Estate. Opened around 1918. Some properties were purchased by the Government and amalgamated into the Dandenong Ranges National Park.
  8. "Old Joe's Creek". Runs underground in pipes from where it crosses Bayview Crescent.
    Thought to have been named after a character called "Old Joe" who lived in a humpy alongside the creek above Bayview Crescent.
  9. Site of Butcher shop and Milk Bar run by local identity Roy Ritchie. Operated from 1957 - 1987.
  10. The Basin Triangle. Originally residential land. Progressively purchased back by the City of Knox to be used a recreation area. In 2002, one residential property remains that will eventually be acquired by the Council.