Places of Interest in The Basin

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(130,155) 23 placenames.htm#113 Cobblestone Road Mountain Highway Fern Glen Road/Pig Lane/Pavitt Lane Route of The Bullock TracK Old access into Inverness Av. Toorak Avenue Forest Road Site of Chandler family first home called Fern Glen Site of Mail Bag Corner. Then Bert Chandler Gardens Site of Como Nurseries David Dobson's original home site Mill Track Site of Salvation Army Home No. 3. 1931-1946 Miss Girlie Lee Monument Glen Elbourne Dodd's Gully Sugar Loaf Hill Site of Hornby's Dairy Martin Luther homes for the aged Site of Les Greenwell's Wood Merchant yard Site of Saw Mill used in the 1920's Batterham Reserve (Batterham Tennis Club) Site of Ferndale Camp Old Joe's Creek Boronia Hill Estate Chandler's Hill Schneider's Hill The Ravine Miller Park Tennis Club Lilydale Bowmans Club Doongalla Pony Club Time capsule buried in 1980 for Basin School Centenary Approximate route of a proposed tramway Site of Mrs. Helen Walker's Estate agency Site of Les Greenwell's case factory Remanents of hawthorn hedge that bordered J.J. Millers land Dobson's orchard & packing shed Miller Park Burke's lookout Site of training and trotting tracks known as The Trotto Oak tree planted in 1875 by William Chandler Griffiths Falls Site of old quarry Land converted into road to allow access to Inverness Ave. Site of Log loading bay Stone Wall Original site of The Basin Post Office. 1916-1953 Retarding Basin Goodwin Estate Pre-School Seventh Day Adventist Camp & Conference Centre The Basin Theatre The Basin Theatre - first building called The Hut Gravenstein Reserve Mortiboy Reserve Grumont Reserve Batterham Reserve (Basin Football Club) Wicks Reserve Water tank Schneider's Hill Water tank Bayview Crescent Water tank Hansen Road Water tanks Mountain Highway Boronia Heights Secondary College St. Bernadette's RC Primary School Site of bus depot 1950-1962 Site of store known as the School Shop Site of store known as Langdon's Store Site of store known as Junction Store Wright's Store Site of Harrison's Weaving Mill established 1946. Now Lowline Industries Site of garage first established in 1962 Original site of Church of England 1939-1948 Site of Methodist Church 1903-1958 The Basin Primary School current site The Basin Primary School second site 1901-1925 The Basin Primary School original site 1880-1899 Site of Salvation Army Boys Home Special School Original site of Salvation Army Boys Home No. 2 Site of Salvation Army Boys Home No. 2 Site of Salvation Army Boys Home No. 1 Site of Hazel Dell, built 1880 Site of Clevedon House, home of Charles Chandler Site of Wicks Homestead, home of the Wicks Family Land purchased by Samual Collier in 1871 Site of Fern Glen, then Doongalla. Now National Park Site of Ferndale, house of Griffiths family Site of Como House, second house of Chandler family Site claimed to be location of first house in The Basin - 1851 Melrose House, second home of J.J. Miller Bayswater House, first home of J.J. Miller Site of first settlement in The Basin