Places of Interest in The Basin

Numbers on the map below indicate a place of interest in The Basin.
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Site of Youle's Store. Then Moonshiners Restaurant. Then Calendula Restaurant The Triangle Site of Richie's Butcher shop and Milk Bar The Basin Centenary Garden Site of The Basin Tennis Club tennis courts Site of fire bell and shed (pre 1930) Site of second The Basin Fire station 1967-1977. Then new station opened 1977 Site of first The Basin Fire station 1953-1967 Basin Scout hall. Built 1987 Site of Presbyterian Church from 1935-1964. Then Scout Hall 1964-1972 Site of shop & hall (Glideaway) owned by S. Cain Site of service station owned by Benson Site of early Butcher shop Site of Clarke's Butcher shop Second site of The Basin Post Office 1953-1964. Now Garage Site of store built in 1934 by Bert Gretton. Now Health centre The Basin Pre-School Kindergarten Site of first store in The Basin The Basin Senior Citizens Hall. Built 1973 The Basin Progress Hall Site of first garage in The Basin Site of Lolly lady's house Site of Howe's Greengrocer. Then Forest Lodge Restaurant. Second site of Church of England 1949-1989. Now Hindu Temple