Jen's Poem

Ann & Rick bought the toys for all their grandy girls and boys.

Jessie & Edwy will learn the ukulele, its easy affording than a big piano accordion.

Mary & Spike downsizing the house, just needs to be big enough to hold the barista's coffee cups.

Jen & Garth will be pressing flowers, it will keep them busy for hours and hours.

Ian & Jen have waited sometime to have father and daughter tour sublime.

Don we suspect that later on he will be running in a marathon.

Tony with his happy smile will do a tour again in a while.

Bev & June have been in tune, touring can be a bit like a school classroom.

Brian & Sue know what to do when they encounter a sail or two.

Patsy & Ian have shares in Nikon, thank goodness the era of film is gone.

Alan & Jocelyn usually go by sea, but going with Outback hasn't spoilt their tea.

Trish will go back to Exmouth to hit the gym, keeping her bod neat and trim.

Alison what can we say? Her pleasant demeanour has made our day.

Graham & barb will go home to springs and bulbs and Bowrally things.

Di & Alistair have chosen to fly but will come back with Outback by and by.