Family Trees

I have a number of Family Trees available for perusal. If you are interested in a copy of any tree, email me (my email address is on the first page of with details of who you are and reasons for your request and I may email you a copy.

All trees are in a hierarchical structure using a layout I devised. File format is PDF.

  • Coxhill/Boudewijns.
    Centres around my Father & Mother.

  • Middlebrook/McArdell.
    Starts at my Wife's (Ann) Father & Mother.

  • McArdell/Radford.
    Centres around my Wife's (Ann) Grandfather & Grandmother on her Mothers side.

  • Middlebrook/Hankins.
    Centres around my Wife's (Ann) Grandfather & Grandmother on her Fathers side.

I also have a Family Tree that goes backwards from my Father (b1907) to a Benjamin Cockshill (b17xx). You can download this PDF file by clicking here.

Coxhill Links

The name Coxhill is not very common and people often contact me for information on Coxhill family history. I have some history (see above) and I am happy to provide links on this page to any other Coxhill family history. Contact me on the above email address and I will add your link.

  • Ian Coxhill (Bournemouth, England) has generated an extensive database of his family at:
    His family tree is called BMOUTHIAN. Enter this name in the database field. Be aware that this site has pop-up adds.
    The oldest recorded Coxhill on his tree is Christopher Coxehill born 29/12/1655 in Bicester.

    Last updated: Nov 2015