Telstra Research Laboratories
Laboratories 75 Year - Promotional Video (1999)

About the video
TRL Cast
View the video (trl_ch9.mpg ~70Mb 09:36)

About the video

This film was produced in 1999 by Channel Nine's Business Sunday program to commemorate the 75th birthday of the Telstra Research Laboratories. It runs for 9 minutes and includes sound. Due to the size of the video file (70 Mb), it can take up to 30 seconds to start. The start and end of the film include segments from the Tomorrow is Now clip.

TRL Cast

01:13 Craig Frost
01:17 Ian McFarlane
01:18 ?
01:24 Karlene Matthews
02:33 Edward Bondarenko
05:05 Global Operations Centre
05:42 Pascale Whyte
05:54 Russell Lang
06:43 Gene Prete
06:47 Mick Durrant
06:56 left Andrew Straw, centre Rick Giaquinta and right Mark Armstrong (Not TRL)

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Last Updated: 22 January 2002