Telstra Research Laboratories
80 Year Anniversary
- Videos (2003)


About the video
TRL Cast
View video 1 (80 Anniversary.mp4 ~22Mb 04:11)
View video 2 (trl 80th - dr karl trl 29092003 330pm ~530Mb 51:24)
View video 3 (trl 80th - fixed position - no audio.mp4 ~435Mb 42:04)
View video 4 (trl 80th - handheld - audio.mp4 ~441Mb 42:39)

About the videos

1. The official video produced to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the PMG/Telecom/Telstra Research Laboratories. Old pictures and videos throughout the years.

2. An entertaining talk by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

3. Fixed camera showing some speeches taken from front entrance of Auditorium.

4. Handheld camera with some speeches and wandering around the audience.

TRL Cast

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