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Training Annex (1974)

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About the video

Outside views of the Labs training annex at 28 Little Leichardt Street. The training annex was used to train new technical staff before they were employed full time in the Labs.
The first Training Annex was at 51 Latrobe Street. This was demolished in the late 1960's and 28 Little Leichardt Street became the new Training Annex. In the 1980's, the training procedures for technical staff changed to using technical college courses and the Little Leichardt Street building was no longer used.
At the end of the video is a view of the rear of the Watkins building (Block W) that was located in Exhibition Street
. When the current Telstra building at 242 Exhibition Street was designed, the brick shell of the Watkins building was incorporated into the building design and is now part of the specialty shops design on the ground floor of the building.

Commentated by Col Barling who worked at TRL from 1970 to 1980. Has been converted from film so the quality is poor.

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