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View video 1 (DVBH_etc_Demo.mpg ~251Mb 06:03)
View video 2 (strolling-phones.mpg ~124Mb 12:08)
View video 3 (teds-address-book.mpg ~151Mb 14:08)
View video 4 (Telstra TTIP Opening Titles & Staff Vox Pop.mp4 ~130Mb 08:29)
View video 5 (Telstra TTIP Introduction to the SLT.mp4 ~30Mb 01:55)
View video 6 (Telstra TTIP Customer Interviews.mp4 ~43Mb 02:54)
View video 7 (ttip-launch.mpg ~67Mb 06:36)
View video 8 (Telstra TTIP Communication Threads.mp4 ~23Mb 01:33)
View video 9 (Telstra TTIP Closing Titles.mp4 ~26Mb 01:56)
View video 10 (Telstra TTIP Loop 1 no Sound.mp4 ~66Mb 04:37)
View video 11 (Telstra TTIP Loop 2 no Sound.mp4 ~91Mb 06:23)

About the video

Applications and entertainment at the Telstra Technology Innovation and Product (TTIP) conference in 2005.

1. DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting on Handheld. Scan (Mobile Ticketing). Location based services
2. Entertainment at the conference.
3. A play presented at the conference. Appears to have something to do with Ted Pretty.
4. Opening of TTIP. Details about TTIP and the agenda for the conference.
5. About the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).
6. Interviews with Telstra customers.
7. More about TTIP including interviews with Telstra staff.
8. About communicating TTIP.
9. Closing promotion.
10. Similar to 9 above but no sound.
11. Similar to 9 above but no sound.

TRL Cast

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