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About the video

Telstra had a history of taking great care in specifying and ensuring antennas performed properly in its fixed and mobile networks. As an integral part of this effort TRL developed innovative special purpose antennas and accurate antenna measurement techniques. Caldermeade, a new advanced test range, was constructed in South Gippsland in 1983 and was the successor to a test range at Mount Cottrell. Caldermeade (more affectionately known as Coldermeade) was thought to be the longest ground reflection test range in Australia. The site chosen for its easy access from TRL at Clayton and its flat surrounds which are free of any nearby reflections.

This promotional video was filmed at the time to publicize the capabilities of the range to prospective external clients. The range was decommissioned in 1996 as a part of a broader rationalisation of TRL's activities and eventually divested by Telstra in mid 2013.

The video runs for about 7 minutes. Thanks to Enn Vinnal for providing background information and staff identification.

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0:25 Dick Francis
0:25 Sasty Sastradipradja
1:43 Steve Lloyd ?
1:49 Rod Nichol
1:53 Doug Farr
2:20 Enn Vinnal, Steve Hurren

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