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About the video
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About the video

Silent footage created by the TRL Instrumentation Section for the 1973 TRL Open Days. It replicated the people, contents and workings of a typical electronic laboratory of the 1930's complete with authentic instrumentation. Converted from old 8mm film so the quality is poor.

TRL Cast

00:23 John Zigmantas adjusts c. 1930 rotating mirror oscilloscope and refers to waveforms (photographs) taken using the device. Then compares them with the results on the mirrors.
01:09 Peter Dalliston shown wiring a thyratron oscillator on an open breadboard. (Battery operated).
01:42 John Zigmantas receives a call on an Edison candlestick style telephone circa 1935.
02:02 Peter Dalliston connects up a valve trf receiver to batteries, then tunes each stage to a station.
02:17 Peter and John discuss the merits of the new cathode ray tube. Then we see one in use, which is still using a rotating mirror as the timebase.
02:33 A sweep of the recreated electronics laboratory.

Information provided by Peter Dalliston

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