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Antenna Calibrations for EMI Measurements - Video (1992)


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About the video

Work related to antenna calibrations at a temporary open test area in the hills near Melbourne.

An antenna test site developed by TRL in the Dandenong Ranges allowed researchers to take precise measurements of the receiving characteristics of EMI measuring antennas. The calibrations provided the antenna factors (AF) required for highly accurate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) measurements, which intended to ensure interference free reception of radio and TV services. TRL devised a method of AF calibration over a range of heights and a number of EMI measuring antennas had been calibrated on a temporary near-ideal Open Area Test Site (OATS). A large privately owned clearing in the Dandenong Ranges was leveled and fine mesh of galvanised wire was laid out covering an area of 27 by 20 meters to form a flat perfectly reflecting ground plane. TRL explored the electromagnetic characteristics of the OATS over a period of several months. The calibrations provided the antenna factors required for highly accurate EMI measurements and have demonstrated very clearly how the antenna factors are influenced by height above a ground plane.

This videotape-capture documents one of those measurement collections. Broken up into 5 convenient portions or view the total session. The original videotape was poor quality at start but improves.

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0:20 Ian Macfarlane (driver)
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