Telstra Research Laboratories
iRadio Transmission #2 - Audio (2000)

About the audio
Hear track1 - intro - audio (introduction 01.mp3 ~1Mb 01:19)
Hear track2 - TRLStory:Hugh Bradlow - audio (the telstra research laboratory (trl) story 02.mp3 ~18Mb 21:27)
Hear track3 - new wave innovations:Chris Rowles - audio (trl new wave innovations 03.mp3 ~8Mb 09:15)
Hear track4 - eServices:Mariyon Skreblin - audio (trl eMiddleware and eCommerce 04.mp3 ~9Mb 10:03)
Hear track5 - New Horizons ad - audio (new horizons the trl magazine 05.mp3 ~1Mb 54secs)

About the audio

Taken from a Telstra Retail internal promotion - also known as iRadio. The CDROM was put out to educate sales teams about various aspects of Telstra business units. This edition, iRadio Transmission #2 (July/August 2000), covered TRL.

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Last Updated: 16 September 2002