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Information Age - Video (1989)

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About the video

A review of nine selected TRL activities in 1989. Hosted by Mary Delahunty.

  1. Investigation of the geographic distribution of various customer groups.

  2. Involvement in an electronic messaging system for delivering pathology services.

  3. Artificial Intelligence systems for predicting faults in external plant.

  4. High capacity mobile communications.

  5. Guided tour of the shielded room in building M1. Commonly known as the "Blue Room".

  6. Reducing the risk of lightning strikes.

  7. Improving the reliability and reducing the cost of solar powered systems.

  8. Using a Microprobe for detecting abnormal Integrated Circuit operation.

  9. Investigation of optical fibre and optical components.

TRL Cast

00:36 Chris Byrne
03:36 Marina Cavill and Phil Bouchier on left
06:43 ?
07:04 Andrew Jennings
07:35 Paul Elliott (back) and Adam Kowalczyk
07:39 Rick Coxhill
08:13 Chris Leckie
08:18 Jill Guthrie and Peter Richardson
11:29 ?
11:32 Paul Copeland
21:49 ?
22:04 Geoff Pain
22:35 ?

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