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About the video

TRL developed a fridge that potentially could keep track of your food as it is taken out, and with a bar code scanner facility, could even re-order automatically with the local supermarket. It was even suggested that the fridge could keep track of its owner's diet and advise the microwave not to cook for an owner who was eating too much!

The internet fridge was on display in the TRL Clayton foyer area as part of the Visits and Promotions program, however the fridge was eventually abandoned and it went to "network device heaven". For those interested - it ran on Microsoft Windows 98! Maybe its time to revive it with a Linux or MacOSX version?

The date of this piece is unknown but would probably be late 2000. It doesn't feature any TRL staff or even mention TRL at all (just Telstra and Email Limited). However, its the only known video footage of the fridge.

Also, see these Internet Fridge photographs.

There was a Radio Fridge developed in the 1960s by Philips. See this photo and this photo.

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Last updated: December 2021