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About the video

A segment from the show, "A Current Affair" with Jana Vent, broadcast on Ch.9 in 1990. Features "living legend", Ed -Dr Lightning- Bondarenko and a woman who survived a lightning strike (fabulous quote from her: "It really, really hurt!"). The indoor shots were filmed in the lightning lab. at TRL. Ends with useful tips to avoid being struck by lightning.

The original videotape source was found after a clean-up in the auditorium control room.

When TRL closed in 2005, some of the equipment from the lightning lab was passed to museum Victoria and initially placed on display at their Scienceworks display. Later, when a purpose-built lightning room was built, the equipment was used in the shows. Items that were passed to museum Victoria included:

Scienceworks also took on Ed Bondarenko as their technician.

TRL Cast

00:51 Ed Bondarenko

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