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About the videos
View the early mobiles video (_earl_mod.mpg ~56Mb 07:41)
View the exchange video (_tel_exch.mpg ~143Mb 19:30)
View the broadband video (_broadband.mpg ~118Mb 11:23)
View the cable rollout video (_cable_is_coming.mpg ~98Mb 09:25)
View the Telstra International Business video (tel_instratvis.mpg ~94Mb 09:22)

About the videos

A number of miscellanous videos - not related to TRL but interesting nevertheless.

Early Mobile Phones - about mobile phones late 70's, early 80's.
Exchange - about changeover to AXE exchanges from a Technicians perspective. Early 80's.
Broadband - future scenario with broadband - set in 1996 - filmed mid/late 80's?
Cable Rollout - about the rollout of cable - mid 90's.
Telstra International Business
- discusses the International Business opportunities for Telstra - mid 90's.

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Last updated:19 June 2002