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Open Days

TRL conducted open days in 1960, 1969, 1973, 1985 and 1997. In the earlier open days, months were spent preparing displays and there was unlimited money. Don’t know anything about the 1960 open day(s). The 1969, 1973 and 1985 open days each lasted a week. The1997 was one day and focused on the newly built display area in the auditorium. There was a wide variety of things to show in the early days. In particular, things that you could touch, bits that moved and spectacular visual shows such as the lightning display. The feedback from the public was tremendous. In the later days of TRL there was nothing much to show except displays on computer screens which was boring.

Scienceworks, run by museum Victoria, has many interesting visual and interactive displays. The lightning room contains high voltage equipment that was kindly donated by Telstra, following the closure of the lightning lab at TRL.

1969 Open Days
The POST OFFICE Research Report
(Describes some of the exhibits)
Visitors Guide

The following information booklets were available at various displays. I have placed them all in this PDF file in the order shown below
Common Channel Signalling
Instrumental Chemical Analysis
Semiconductor Thin Film Facility
Graphical Symbols for Logical Diagrams
Communication by Radio to Remote Areas of Australia
Speech Level Meter
Soft Magnetic Iron Testing
Luminescent Tape Testing
The Adaptive Echo Canceller
Electronic Circuit Tester
Research Laboratories Computer Centre
Propagation Measuring Equipment Records & Analysis
Television Ghosts
Measurement of Radio Refractive Index of the Air
Signalling System for PCM Transmission
Electronic Signalling Equipment
Transmission Media
Data Transmission
Reed Relay Tester

1985 Open Days
"Dare to Discover" (The visitors guide).
"Dare to Discover" (The information book with technical information about the exhibits).

The following information leaflets were available at various displays. I have placed them all in this PDF file in the order shown below.
Message Handling – Electronic Mail Service
Electronic Directory Service
ISDN Terminals & Integrated Services Delivery
From Teleconferencing to Computer Based Telecommunications
Human Factors Research – Making New Services Easy to Use
Subjective Testing of Speech Quality
Voice Activated Telephone Systems
Acoustic Chambers
Videotex Services
Network Design & Optimization
Performance Testing of Packet Switched Data Networks
Protocol Verification using “Protean”
Programmable Array Logic Devices
How Computers Control Telephone Exchanges
Australian Development of Digital Transmission Test Equipment
Computer Modelling of Customer Access Networks
Interference from Decadic Dialing
Theoretical Studies of Digital Transmission Systems
High Capacity Single Mode Optical Fibre
Optical Fibre Elongation at Cable Plough-In
Jointing of Optical Fibre
Digital Microwave Radio
Point-to-Point Atmospheric Optical Communications
Single Mode Optical Fibre Measurements
Cellular Mobile Radio Systems
Wideband Integrated Services Experiment
Spread Spectrum Communication
Point-to-Point Atmospheric Optical Communications
Electromagnetic Interference from Information Technology Equipment
Atmospheric RF Source Control Unit for an Advanced Antenna Test Range
Experimental Satellite Earth Stations
Research Activities in Satellite Communications
Digital Transmission for the Local Cable Service
Communication with Light
Steerable Microstrip Array Antennas
Telecom and Satellite Communications Research
A Gate Array and Custom Integrated Circuits
Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion & Storage
Infrared Imaging Systems
Fibre Drawing Tower
Optical Technology
Multiproject Chip Implementation
Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells
The Optical Fibre Future
The Microchip
Redder than Red – The Near Infrared
Lightning Location
Electrical Safety of Customer Staff and Equipment
Temperature Calibration (NATA)
Parrot Damage to Microwave Feeds
Analysis of Vapours from Industrial Processes
Battery Test Facility
Effect of Chemical Contamination on Lead Acid Batteries
Metal Service Failures & Development Projects
Testing of Mt Wellington Radome
Fibre-Resistant Wire & Cable
Outdoor Weathering of Safety Helmets
IC Characterisation & Failure Analysis
Mechanical Life Testing of DIP Switches
Keypad Technology
Pulsed Solar Simulator
Laboratory Testing of Solar Modules
Surface Characterisation Studies
Electrical Overload Testing of Transistors
Stabilization of Polyethylene
Field Testing of Solar Photovoltaic Modules
Specific Optical Fibre Applications
Library Use of Microforms
On Line Interactive Retrieval Systems
Microcomputers in the Library
Calibration of Thermistor Mounts
Attenuator Calibration
Calibration of AC Thermal Converter
Standards & Measurements Traceability
Generation of Time & Frequency Standards
Microelectronic Discharge Machining
Inspection of Spaces Using Endoscopes
Machine for Impact Testing of Telephone Cases
External Facilities for Equipment Engineering
Transducer Monitor for Gas Pressure in Cables
Computer Terminal Response Time Measurement
A Computerised Instrumentation Records System
Techniques for Servicing Electronic Equipment
Film Hybrid Microelectronics
Printed Boards
Thin Film High Speed Hybrid Technology
Calibration of Power Level Transfer Standards
Custom Designed Integrated
Phase Locked Oscillator
Civil Time Code Receiver
Solid State Speaking Clock
Tilt Alarm for Tractors
The Telecom Australia Headquarters Library
Developments in Instrumentation Servicing
Research Department Museum Collection
Handicapped Person Access Dialler

1997 Open Day
Family at Work (Visitors Guide)

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