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Rathdowne St Move - Videos (1986)


About the videos
View the video (lightning_lab.mpg ~74Mb 07:30)
View the video (from_rathdowne.mpg ~94Mb 09:27)
View the video (into_m5.mpg ~42Mb 04:11)
View the video (into_m3.mpg ~102Mb 10:12)

About the videos

In 1986 the Physics, Polymer, Chemistry and Metallurgy groups moved from their base in Rathdowne St, North Melbourne to Buildings M3 and M5 in Clayton. This move was a complicated one due to the size and diversity of the equipment. In particular, the lightning laboratory. The four videos follow some of the move. Converted from film so quality is poor and there is no sound.

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Last updated: March 2011