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Revolt of the Instruments - Video (1971)

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About the video

A silent spoof created by the TRL Instrumentation Section in 1971. The instruments gain their revenge on TRL staff after years of mistreatment. Converted from old 8mm film so the quality is poor.

TRL Cast & Description

00:00 Drew Diamond gives a talk on modern electronic servicing.
00:49 John Zigmantas mistreats delicate servicing equipment.
00:59 Terry Fraser does likewise.
01:21 Peter Dalliston, then Sean Curlis roughly mistreat a Printed Circuit Board, which retreats to a safer hiding place.
01:40 Clockwise from left - Ian Meggs, Eric Koop, David Marshall, Drew Diamond & Graeme Brownfield enjoying morning tea.
02:00 David Marshall plays snooker.
02:12 The instruments plot a rebellion.
02:29 John Zigmantas becomes the first victim when an oscilloscope squashes him in the compactus.
02:44 David Marshall is victim 2 when brutally attacked as he nonchalantly strolls along the corridor.
02:50 Sean Curlis dies a horrible death when marauding oscilloscopes creep up behind, strangle him and stab him with a high voltage probe.
03:16 Terry Fraser also cops the probe death, as he is surprise attacked when leaving the screened room.
03:51 Sean Curlis is pursued from room to room by the relentless instruments, until in terrorised confusion he falls to the floor and is trampled by an oscilloscope.
04:28 Finally, the cameraman (Peter Dalliston) is attacked and viciously murdered. (But who is filming?).
04:55 The instruments have gained control and are playing snooker.

Information provided by Peter Dalliston.

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