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About the videos

These 2 clips were part of a "Science in Schools" initiative by the Victorian Department of Employment and Training, that produced a video called "Science Trek CSF Level 5 - Sounds, light - a good idea!" for primary schools, in which TRL contributed. Produced about August, 2001. Copyright permission granted by the owners (see below).

Bionic Ear

The bionic ear clip: Professor Graeme Clark mentions TRL (a.k.a. Telstra Research & Development as we were then known) as contributors to the manufacture of the chip in the bionic ear. Also included is the television commercial that aired at the time. There are no TRL staff in this clip, but we get a mention. As an aside, Telstra Research Lab technicians first worked with Professor Graeme Clark and his Melbourne research team with the development of the bionic ear, in the 1970s. TRL staff that contributed in a major way were Mike Crarey and Fred Gigliotti.

Anechoic Room

This is a small clip that discusses the nature of sound. TRL has an anechoic chamber and we use it to find out how radio waves and mobile phones affect hearing aids. The clip features Amico Carratelli and Mark Bolton.

Sounds, light a good idea! was produced by the ScienceTrek Unit in the Victorian Department of Employment and Training. ScienceTrek is an initiative of the Science in Schools Strategy.© State of Victoria 2001


TRL Cast (Anechoic Room)

00:00 Amico Carratelli
00:00 Mark Boulton

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