Noel Teede (March 1995 - June 1995)
Noel Teede

Noel joined the then PMG Department as a cadet engineer in 1959. After graduating with a PhD from the University of W.A., he joined the Research Laboratories in 1967.

His early work was on microwave and optical communications where his major contributions were in the enabling technologies and systems R&D. His interests in optoelectronics moved to solar energy as the then Telecom Australia came to rely on solar power for remote applications.

Noel started the Energy Technology Section in 1984 and then moved to become General Manager, Applied Science, in 1987. In 1989 he became General Manager, Customer Services and Systems, overseeing the development of new products and services for a rapidly expanding telecommunications capability.

Noel succeeded Mr Jim Park in 1995 as Director Research at a time of significant change. Here he continued the drive toward refocussing the activities of the Laboratories prior to retirement in 1996.

During his career, Noel was seconded to the Japanese Government for a year as a foreign specialist during the second energy crisis and was a member of the Federal Government's National Energy R&D Council for four years. He was also a director of a Telstra-related company and represented Telstra on a number of major technology advisory boards and collaborative research programs.

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