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About the video
TRL Cast
View the TRL video (telecom_report-1.mpg ~53Mb 05:14) - features Solar panels, optical fibre, IC checking & keypad testing
View the QPSX video (telecom_report-2.mpg ~62Mb 06:07) - features QPSX
View the Rural & Remote video (telecom_report-3.mpg ~21Mb 02:08) - features the DRCS system (developed at TRL)
View the Mobile Phones video (telecom_report-4.mpg ~20Mb 02:01) - features Mobile Phones
View the Lightning video (telecom_report-5.mpg ~31Mb 03:02) - features the Lightning Lab
View the Polyethylene video (telecom_report-6.mpg ~38Mb 03:44) - features polyethylene skins cracking and solution
View the Voices & Visions video (telecom_report-7.mpg ~64Mb 06:24) - features the Voices & Visions exhibition but actually about G.I.S.
View the Pathology video (telecom_report-8.mpg ~43Mb 04:14) - features the PathNet(?) project run out of Canberra

About the video

Various segments from a TVP (Telecom Video Production) - The Telecom Report, presented by Mary Delahunty. Looked at the latest breakthroughs in telecommunications technology. It emphasised how telecommunications developments enhanced the the lifestyle of every Australian. Further, it explored the "behind the scenes" activities of Australia's telecommunications network. It was broadcast on SBS TV.

Featuring mainly TRL but also some other research related items. In total, a runtime of about 33 minutes but has been into split the various segments to run independently.

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TRL Video

01:46 Gavan Rosman

QPSX Video


Rural & Remote Video

1:09 ?


Mobile Phones video

0:58 Reg Coutts


Lightning Lab video

00:12 Lightning Lab
00:57 Ian Stevenson
02:10 "flash"

Polyethylene Cracking video

0:25 Bruce Chisholm
1:06 Margaret Belfrage (nee Turner)
1:11 Alistair Impey
1:16 Steve Barnett


Voices & Visions

1:55 Marina Cavill


Pathology Project Video

1:52 Larry Cromwell

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