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Telstra Song - Video (1994)

About the video
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About the video

The Telstra Song. Doesn't actually feature any TRL staff (that we know of!) and included for its "novelty" value. Launched in December 1994 and included on the "International Vision, Strategy and Telstra Song" video. Written by John Williamson, probably as a lead-in/out of the renaming of Telecom to Telstra. This should be sung at all staff meetings.

We are Australia's Telstra
We're out to lead the way
To the challenge of tomorrow
And we're ready come what may

We're looking to the future
We're paving the way
To a brilliant new tomorrow
From the things we do today

We are one strong and unified voice -
An irresistible force
Learning from each other
To help our common cause

We are Australia's future
Value is our pledge
As we build on out technology
Service is our edge

Our customers deserve the best
So we're working day and night
To build our reputation
To do it and do it right

As we broaden our horizons
And take our skills to foreign shores
We know our service excellence
Will open international doors

We are Australia's Telstra
Great talent, many faces
Dedicated people
In many many different places

We're the changing face of a new age
A brand new flag unfurled
We are Australia's Telstra
And we're serving the world

While we feel the winds of change
One thing will stay the same -
Integrity and honesty
Will uphold the Telstra name

We are Australia's Telstra
We are many, we are one
And we're leading by example
Through the things that we have done.

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