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The TRL Christmas Carols

The idea of the TRL Christmas carols was conceived by Ric Witham in 1991. He gathered together a group of enthusiastic TRL Staff and a few of their family.

The carols were presented in the TRL auditorium. John Craick was the conductor. Other TRL staff provided the accompaniment. The audience grew over the years and they even joined in some of the songs.

The last public carols were held in 1998.

Four full audio recordings of the carols have survived complete with chit chat at the start and end. You can listen to directly from the internet ( may take a while to start). or download them and run them on your system.

1993 Carols (54M, 38 Mins)

1994 Carols (36M, 38 Mins)

1995 Carols (49M, 49 Mins)

1998 Carols (50M, 53 Mins)

Printed cover from 1993 performance (JPEG)

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