The Alien Research Section
Everyone has heard about the alien research done at TRL back in the 1960's and 70's. But was it true? To find out we scoured the labs for evidence of this work - what we found astounded us...(click on the thumbnails for a larger view)

Laboratories for testing alien technology and beings

What could only be described as an alien prisons, these four environmental chambers paint a sinister picture...
If you need proof of an Alien Reasearch Section, take a close look at the ownership of this device.
Is this an incubator for use by the Alien Research Section?
This alien skin sample is still on view on the second floor of M1 - but for how long?
Surely this is alien technology tested by the labs. No human hand could ever manipulate such a large knob.
A rather unwell alien undergoing testing. Notice the alien anatomy poster on the left.
Who is this strange apparition wearing a biosuit?
We are looking for those still at TRL who have worked in the Alien Research Section. We would like to know what the aliens looked like and, most importantly, if they have reasonable broadband internet access.