Claytons Director: "The Dr you have when you are not having a Dr"
There are some things that we just don't like to talk about at TRL. Warts, halitosis, body odour and Bruno Sorrentino. You wont find much official mention of this former Director, who ruled the labs for barely five weeks in 1993...
(The following text in blue is quoted directly from newspapers...)

"Who's running the company?" (Financial Review - 3/12/1993)
When Bruno Sorrentino migrated from Britain to Australia six years ago, he left behind a 25-year career as a middle-manager in Midland Bank's computer division. En route to Australia, he adopted the title of "Dr" and took on a new persona which was to open up a new phase of his career.

Within six months he had been appointed to the ANZ Bank as its general manager, information techonlogy, and chief information officer, commanding a salary package of up to $250,000. Later he established a Melbourne based consultancy whose client list incuded the retail giant Coles Myer.

Then came the coup de grace. In September this year (1993) Telecom appointed "Dr" Sorrentino to a new senior position as head of the information technology group and the company's research laboratories. ...Less than five weeks later Sorrentino was out of a job.

In the middle of a trip to the US, Sorrentino was called back to Australia by Telecom's ...Doug Campbell, and asked to substantiate his academic qualifications. Two days later he resigned for "personal reasons".

The "Dr" Sorrentino myth had been shattered by a small group of scientists in the Telecom Research Laboratories. Curious to read the thesis of their new highly flamboyant boss, their search revealed Sorrentino had never completed a PhD at London's Imperial College, as he had claimed. In fact he had never even attended the university.

"Telecom's computer chief quits suddenly" (The Age - 29/10/1993)
....When asked to comment yesterday afternoon, Dr Sorrentino said: "I've got to tell you what you are suggesting is is really defamatory. My qualifications are impeccable and they stand, and I wil be very happy for you or anybody else qualified to look at my qualifications."

Dr Sorrentino referred "The Age" to his solicitor, Mr Joseph D'Abaco, of Phillips Fox, who he said "would provide whatever evidence is necessary to satisfy you".

Last night Mr D'Abaco arranged a conference at "The Age" with Dr Sorrentino, but he declined to answer a series of questions...

Rumor has it that a ghostly image of "Dr" Sorrentino lurks in the plant rooms above TRL, waving diplomas and degrees hypnotically.