Nazis hard at work at TRL?
At first this seems very hard to believe, Nazis at the labs?!? However on Tuesday 17th of August 1999 the "Age" dropped the following "Doodlebug"....
(The following text in blue is quoted directly from the Age...)

"Cover-up suspicion on Nazi scientists"
The backgrounds of Nazi scientists secretly brought to Australia may have been deliberately covered up to protect them from the Federal Government's War Crimes Unit, one of its former senior advisers said yesterday.

"I am quite certain now that there was deliberately a kind of protection around these people so the SIU (Special Investigations Unit) didn't get hold of (them)," said Professor Kwiet, who also acts as a consultant to the Canadian and American War crimes units. "The SIU didn't get hold of those people, they were simply protected."

The Age revealed yesterday that former Nazis, including members of the SS and Hitler's storm-troopers, were among at least 127 German scientists and technicians brought to Australia between 1946 and 1951 for use in a range of fields, including defence and weapons research. More than 40 had been members of the Nazi Party or other Nazi organisations.

...The Age is not suggesting those on the list were ardent Nazis and some may have been forced to joing Nazi organistations under duress.

So, who ended up at the then Post Master General's Research Labs? Not all the scientists were named by the Age, however at least two very prominent researchers were named.

Albert Jacob Seyler. Telecommunications engineer. Member Sturmabeitlung (stormtroopers) with rank of Scharfurer 1933-38. Nazi Party from 1937, National Socialist Students' Union 1937-45 and RAD from 1933*. Fliegerhauptingenieur (captain) in Ingenieurcorps of Luftwaffe 1941-45. Proposed and developed ground radar-controlled night fighter aircraft guidance system. In 1941-42 built three jamming stations to cover breakout of German battleships in February 1942. In 1943 worked on countering anti-radar techniques used by RAF bombers. Arrived 7/4/1948. Employed by Postmaster General's Department, Melbourne. Appeared in Who's Who in Australia 1971.

TRL all staff meeting, July 1953?

Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Otto. Radio physicist. Member DAF (NSBO) 1938-45, NSV 1938-45*. Employed by Telefunken 1938-45 developing walki-talkies, radar receivers, aerials and short-wave direction finders for ships. Make chief of Telefunken research laboratories in 1943. Awaiting de-Nazification when recruited. Arrived Australia 8/4/48. Employed by Postmaster General's Department, Melbourne.

*RAD - The German Labor Front
DAF or NSBO - Nationals Socialist Factory Cells Organisation, used by Hitler to crush free trade unions
NSV - National Socialist Welfare Organisation

The legacy of TRLs Nazi past was graphically demonstrated when dozens of these experimental V2 rockets were produced and tested by the NewWave labs in the summer of 2000. They were all duds.

The author has poured through the hundreds of Research Lab reports generated by the two scientists mentioned. Some of the disturbing work undertaken included the testing and evaluation of canvas versus leather mail bags.