Why not join the xTRL mailist and keep in touch...

The xTRL mailist is sponsored by Yahoo Groups who provide many additional features such as web based reading, databases, images, files, polls and chat rooms. Of course this free service comes with a catch - tailored advertising is added to the footer of each email and web page but is easily ignored. Yahoo Groups have strict policies regarding privacy and spamming and the members of the xTRL list appear happy with the service since its creation in mid 2002.

The moderators - Bob Backway and Ian Moran also respect members privacy and do not provide member names etc on request. If you are looking for someone, either post to the list, or privately email Bob or Ian. We will forward the email to the member you wish to contact.

There are three ways you can join the list:

1. Join Yahoo Groups and then join the list

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This is the preferred option as you can manage your membership directly and use all the web based features of the list such as web based reading, uploading and viewing images.

Click the button to the left to join.


2. Subscribe to the email list

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This option subscribes to the email list only. It gives you less control and creates more work for the moderators.


Then click the button to subscribe.


3. If the above looks to complicated

Email Bob at bob_backway@hotmail.com and he'll arrange an invitation to be sent to you.