The Basin History


Chandler Family History
This information was compiled and supplied by Julie Bird, Jeanette Brand, and Vicki Langdon, members of the Chandler family. They gave me permission to make it public and I thank them. If you use any of the information, please acknowledge these people.

Janet Dobson Diary (1902-1923)
Janet Dobson, nee Wicks (1871 – 1946), was the author of hand-written journals from which the diary has been
transcribed. She was the widow of Robert Lum Dobson, elder son of David and Mary Dobson, one of the first settlers in The Basin. I have permission from Peter Dobson, a descendant of David Dobson to make the diary public. If you use any information in the diary, please provide acknowledgment.
The following sections are missing from the diary. Mid 1910-1915, 1916-1919 and 1922. It is unknown if they are missing or the diary was not used those periods.

Jim Stephens Recollection of The Basin Bus Service
From 1936.

Eddie Williams Recollections of The Basin
From the early 1920s.

The Basin Primary School Class Photographs
From 1892 to 1979 (not complete).

Estates in The Basin
A click-able
map marked with most of the original major Estates in The Basin. Estate brochures and maps can be downloaded.

Seventh Day Adventist Youth Camp Brochure
The Seventh Day Adventist Youth Camp operated in a site on the Basin-Olinda Road from 1933 to 1999. This brochure was produced in 1933 to promote the Camp. It describes the aims of the camp and contains many photographs and a plan of the original Camp (PDF format 3.4M).

The Basin Football Club
Photos of a 1961 fixture and The Basin jacket.
Photo of the first under 16 team in 1960 - third from the left in the back row is
Phil Molesworth. Coach - Max Norton.
Thanks to Phil Molesworth for the photographs.

The Basin Scouts
Photos of a January 1966 camp at King Lake on the King Parrot creek on the 2nd Northcote camp site. The person with the receding hair in picture 5 is Vernon Roy. The scout with the curly hair in pictures 2 and 3 is John Maas.
Photos of scouts entry in the 1967 Basin Centenary parade. Phil Molesworth's vehicle dressed up to look like a travelling bush.
Thanks to Phil Molesworth for the photographs.

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