A Collection of Childhood Stories Written by Robert Oliver

My name is Robert Oliver. These stories are of my growing up in the Dandenong Ranges during the dark years of World War II with my two Brothers and mother. They do not follow in sequence. They are from the span of 4 to 10 years of age and are centered around the Belgrave, Tecoma and Upwey townships.

Morning Tea
On The Right Side
On a Wing and a Prayer - Christmas Lunch 1943
A Young Man of Means - 1944
Birthday Parties
The Movies
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
In The Presence Of Royalty
Local Animals
Dunnys and Dunny Men
The War Effort
Puffing Billy
The Mantons
Itchy Feet
The Night Shift
Our Small Friends
Singing In The Rain
A Snake - but not in the Grass
Boys will be Boys
Egging On The Opposition
Our Small Friends - Part 2
Shopkeepers and Home Deliveries