History of the Telstra Research Laboratories


Closure of the Telstra Research Laboratories

Demolition of Buildings

Sept 2007 - TRL has really closed for the last time

May 2007 - End of the Clockroom

The Cover Up (of the TRL Sign)

Pictures of the library as at 30th March 2006

10 Years at TRL
A 26 slide Power Point presentation by Hugh Bradlow. Converted to PDF. September 2005

Its a mistake. TRL has not really closed

The last person to leave (or nearly) turns the lights out

The last Research Laboratories Report by Steven Spicer
The report was assigned an official number of 8587 and printed. A copy was also added to the complete set of RLR's that were archived at the
national Archives of Australia. My name (Rick Coxhill) is in the report

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