History of the Telstra Research Laboratories


Media Items

1996 Redundancies

Brain Damage at Telstra (Financial Review Oct 21st, 1996)

Bruno Sorrentino

His Business Card

Who's running the company (Financial Review Dec 3rd, 1993)

Telecom IT boss has twin visions (Australian Oct 4th, 1993)

Telecom research head quits (Financial Review Oct 28th, 1993)

Telecom's computer chief quits suddenly (the Age 29th Oct, 1993)

Telstra shake-up sets alarm bells ringing

Closure of TRL at Blackburn Rd, Clayton

Hansard Questions Without Notice (Oct 11 2005)

A senior telecommunications analyst writes

Telstra not cutting, just sharing (Financial Review 25th July 2006)

Telstra at risk as expertise stripped (Australian Feb 9th 2006)

Telstra research cuts to hit VoIP, gaming (ABC Science online)

Union response to TRL closure

An Interview with JC

Plans for New Building at Blackburn Rd, Clayton

Telstra cans Clayton tower (Telstra announcement) 30/05/2008

Total property transformation (Telstra announcement)

New Clayton campus in Melbourne (Telstra announcement)

New office complex in Clayton (Telstra announcement)

Artists Impression of new site (JPEG)

Miscellaneous Items

Multi-service terminal display (The Age July 1985)

Take off Share Price Blinkers (Australian Sept 2001)

Innovators in Survival Mode (Australian 2001)

Telstra CTO says research investment should give return (Sept 2001)

Exhibition Dialling Up The Past (Canberra Times Oct 2012)

Hugh Bradlow Leaves Telstra (ITNews July 2017)

Opening of Internet of Things Laboratory in 2017

Telstra launches IoT lab and expands muru-D to Melbourne (Australian Financial Review May 2017)

Telstra centralises tech, product dev under new Labs (IT News May 2017)

Telstra CTO sacked (IT News May 2017)

Telstra opens software skunkworks in Melbourne (CRN May 2017)