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About the video

A video produced in 1985 to promote the Equipment Engineering Section of TRL and features several TRL staff.

Cross-section of skills within Equipment Engineering Section (later Scientific Engineering) included the following:

At its peak, 20 to 30 trade, technical, and professional staff were employed in the Section. Until mid-80's, the Section had a yearly intake of 1 or 2 trade apprentices.

Around this period, the Labs also had (out posted from Telecom Workshops) a Carpenters Shop (~4 "chippies"), and a Paint Shop (usually 3 painters). The Laboratory Design Section included 3 or 4 Electricians ("sparkies"), and the Instrumentation Engineering Section included several indentured Instrument Makers.

TRL didn't employ its own plumber or mechanic, but there wasn't much that the above "tradies" couldn't design, make, or repair!

The video (u-matic format) was one of many produced by Telecom Video Productions which often featured a noteworthy achievement by Telstra staff (then Telecom). It was recovered from a dumpmaster by Des McMillan during the closing down of the M6 building and converted to mpg by Paul Howell. Thanks to Lex Reiners for the historical background and staff identification.

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00:32 John Kalisz/Len Walder/Peter Hulley/Trevor Hand
00:39 Vince Lee/Ray Proudlock/Richard Gilchrist
00:41 Lex Reiners/Dave Kisby/Des McMillan
00:44 Frank Wolstencroft, Section Manager
00:45 Dave Kisby (passing)
00:48 Leigh McCallum
00:51 Joe Debono
00:57 Steve Lloyd
01:03 Neil Smart
01:06 Dave Kisby (passing again!)
01:13 Jim Dwyer
01:16 Neil Smart
01:19 Peter Hulley
01:25 Steve Lloyd
01:31 Joe Debono
01:52 Neil Smart
02:11 Peter McMullen *
02:23 Neil Smart
03:19 Ken Everett
03:57 John Kalisz
04:37 Trevor Hand
05:01 Peter Hulley **
06:35 Roland Leschinsky
07:03 Alan Murfett
07:28 Des McMillan/Ray Proudlock

* the pedal-powered lathe featured was discovered by Peter amongst junk in his garage!
** the micro-EDM featured was used to explore techniques and develop prototypes during early stages of Bionic Ear development (circa early-mid '80s)

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