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About the video

A video of 2 lectures led by Andre Domjan on Electronic Systems Design. They were given in Penang Malaysia at the USM or what was known as University Sains Malaysia (literally University of Science). Andre stayed in Malaysia with Norm Gale and his wife Wendy who asked him to give a lecture to his electronics students. Norm managed to extract a two year leave without pay deal from TRL (thanks to Harry Wragge) to lecture at USM in their school of industrial technology. He left for Malaysia in 1975. It is worth watching the first 2 minutes to see how Andre spells his name.

Bob Backway recalls:- Andy Domjan's presentation, I don't even know who left me this footage. Andy Domjan was the engineer behind most of the hardware design of Integrated Switching and Transmission (IST). Andy was well respected by the project team with a great tolerance for those who could not understand him - his accent or his ideas. He is introduced by a young and hairy Norm Gale, possibly before Norm joined TRL when I believe he worked at RMIT.

A.I. Domjan, joined the Australian Post Office as a Technicians Assistant in 1956. In the following years he was engaged in the Long Line and Country Installation activities in Adelaide as a member of the technical staff with increasing responsibilities until 1961 when he passed the examination of the Institute of Engineers Australia and became a Graduate Member. In 1962 he was transferred to Trunk Services SubSection in Adelaide where he was associated with many aspects of the upgrading the VF telegraph service. In 1965 he was promoted to the A.P.O. Research Laboratories as an Engineer Class 3 where he carried out investigations on semiconductors for UHF application. In 1968 as an Engineer Class 3 he joined the team working on the Integrated Switching and Transmission project and in 1972 was Section Manager of the Systems Development Section of the Switching and Signalling Branch.

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Thanks to Bob Backway for the loan of video from his personal TRL History collection.

See also these memories of Andre Domjan from Brian Beck.

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